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Meet Chantel...

Chantel Windy is a small-town girl who seeks out ways to make a difference in this cruel world. Chantel graduated from Caro High School and went to Saginaw Valley State University thinking she was going to major in Business Management.

She soon learned business management wasn't the route for her, and decided she was ready for a change. After some internal reflection, a psychology class, and continuous comments that she was 'a good listener' she made the switch to Psychology.

Chantel completed her Bachelors degree in Psychology online through Liberty University and went on to complete her Masters Degree in Social Work. Chantel is currently working on her Doctorate of Education, furthering her studies in counseling, community care, and traumatology. Chantel connects well with college aged adults because 'she knows what its like.' Chantel has a strong passion for all things trauma, and believes that most mental health symptoms can tie directly to our life experiences.

Chantel is passionate about creating a safe and comfortable space for her clients where they are free to be who they really are. Chantel is a semi-casual person who often comes to session in a sweatshirt and a coffee in hand, she 'keeps it real' and doesn't expect her clients to be anything more than human. Whatever you bring to the table, Chantel is willing to sit in it with you without judgement.

Chantel is a lover of all things travel, is a major foodie, and loves to spend time with her husband and three dogs. She's an educated professional (who doesn't stop going), but also a human underneath it all who deals with her own life stressors. She's the perfect reminder that even when it looks like you have it all together; life still hits you hard sometimes.

If you are interested in getting to know Chantel more, or think she would be a good fit for you. Please use the link below to schedule an appointment with her.

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